The Mark Kane Mysteries Series

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Book One

A devoted husband has planted a carpet of Forget-Me-Nots in memory of his wife who has recently died from complications following the rapid progression of Alzheimer's disease…Or has she?  

Greg Philips’ wife, Gloria, has recently died after suffering from chronic dementia leaving Susan, her long-lost illegitimate daughter, a large slice of her estate. But is Susan who she claims to be? And was Gloria mentally competent when she made her will or was she manipulated in some way? Boston Investigator Mark Kane is hired to discover the truth, but as the investigation proceeds he soon finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery, and as the suspects mount up he needs all his wits about him to find out the truth, and prevent Greg’s adult sons from financial ruin or worse. But this is no ordinary murder - the suspects are all close to home, and Kane finds himself battling his own conscience as he tries to separate his duty to his client from both the legal and moral issues the investigation throws up. As usual, Kane’s long time companion Lucy is there to lend him a helping hand, but will she be able to help him solve the mystery? (Read more)        

Book Two

A real gem

Kane is on the trail of a gang of International drug smugglers who'll think nothing of murdering anyone who gets in their way.

 Jenny Garcia has returned to Boston from a vacation overseas, little knowing that her suitcase contained a valuable haul of illicit drugs hidden inside. When the bag is stolen from her at the airport Boston investigator Mark Kane is given the difficult job of retrieving the suitcase and finding out who is responsible for putting Jenny in such terrible danger. But when the two men who could have provided the answers are found dead Kane has his work cut out for him. As Lucy stumbles upon a vital piece of evidence the case suddenly takes a new turn. Has Kane been looking in all the wrong places? And when a kidnapping puts the whole investigation on a different footing he needs to call on all his experience and cunning to save the victim from harm and bring the culprits to justice. (Read more)  

Book Three


Eight thousand miles from Boston the badly decomposed body of an American tourist has been found floating in the sea and Kane is about to reluctantly get involved in the case.

On vacation in Thailand Lucy befriends Dale Porter, a fellow American, but her idyllic break is cut short when Dale is arrested for murder. She enlists Kane’s assistance and they head to the Philippines to look for answers. Kane deputizes Lucy as his temporary assistant investigator and together they set out to solve the mystery of a body found floating in the sea and to try to prove that Dale was not responsible for his death. As they travel from Manila to Subic Bay in their quest for the truth they identify several suspects − including the dead man’s widow. But the victim had many enemies too. And why had Dale disguised the victim’s boat and concealed it in a secret location? As they struggle to unravel the victim’s complicated life Kane is finally driven to an unexpected and shocking conclusion. (Read more)

Book Four


A young woman is nursing a dark secret.  A serial killer is on the loose.  What is the connection?  The answer lies in a frozen backwater in small-town Minnesota.  

Don and Lisa Maddox’ idyllic marriage is threatened when Lisa is targeted by blackmailers, and Boston private detective Mark Kane is hired to investigate − but he soon realizes that he is investigating more than just blackmail, and finds himself searching for a serial killer as well − and with trouble at the office too it’s one headache after another. But who is responsible for the bizarre deaths? And what secret is Lisa so desperate to hide from her husband? Kane and his newly appointed assistant investigator Lucy head west to the Twin Cities to look for answers but they are plagued with setbacks and are met with a wall of silence. As Lucy observes, “It’s as if some malign force keeps putting obstacles in our way.” But Kane and Lucy must find a way forward if they are to thwart the blackmailers and find the killer.  It'll be cold in Minnesota in winter, but at least Kane will have Lucy with him to keep him warm...(Read more)

  Books 1-4

Over 700 pages - Follow the exploits of Kane & Lucy in their first four adventures

Book Five

Dean Roberts is a sick, elderly man with just one precious thing in his life -- his teenage daughter Marisa.  When she mysteriously disappears in Springfield, Missouri on a road trip across America the police draw a blank, so Dean hires Kane and Lucy to find her and bring her home. 

When Kane and Lucy set out for Missouri to find a teenager who has gone missing whilst on a road trip across the States they soon realize that she and her traveling companion have been kidnapped by a sinister group whose victims are turning up dead – real dead.  But what is the motive for her abduction?   Since it's the work of a group it seems unlikely that it's an abduction by a psychopathic killer or rapist; nothing has been stolen from her bank account and no demand for a ransom has been made.  But as the body count mounts, they realize they are in a race against time as they enlist the assistance of local law enforcement officers and friends of the pair in a desperate attempt to find the two girls before it’s too late. (Read more

Book Six

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Kane and Lucy find themselves with two cases to investigate: one an apparent murder/suicide and the other a tragic accident – or was it? As they struggle to make sense of the apparently contradictory evidence they discover that neither case is as straightforward as it appears.

When the police discover the body of Cynthia Hughes savagely beaten to death on the kitchen floor and her husband Bob hanged in the garage it seems like an open-and-shut case – a domestic murder/suicide - but Bob’s mistress, Angela, doesn’t buy it and she hires Kane and Lucy to find the real killer; and as they investigate the deaths it soon becomes clear that the police have overlooked some key evidence in the case which points to a different culprit.  Meanwhile, Mike Kingsley’s son has died after being struck by a train and the police have ruled it an accidental death. But was it? As Kane and Lucy struggle with the two cases simultaneously they discover that they have something in common – neither case is quite what it seems to be…(Read more)

Book Seven

A Tangled Web

When Marjorie Griffiths suspects her husband of having an affair she employs private inquiry agent Dick Hampton to tail him to a local motel. The following day, Hampton calls her to say that her husband is at the motel again, with the same woman.  She hurries over there and, when her husband leaves the motel room, Marjorie decides to confront the woman.

And then she vanishes without a trace

When Marjorie’s husband, Chuck, reports her missing, he becomes an immediate suspect in her disappearance.  He hires attorney Oliver Davies to represent him, and Davies recommends Kane & Lucy to investigate Marjorie’s mysterious disappearance. But, when traces of Marjorie’s blood are found in the matrimonial home and in her abandoned car, Chuck is arrested; and this is only the beginning of his nightmare, as demons from his past return to threaten and even destroy him. 

Book Eight

IN THE LATEST KANE & LUCY MYSTERY SUSPENSE THRILLER, when Elizabeth Prentiss discovers the body of her recently retired father, Bill McCulloch, in his home, the doctor declares it to be a death by natural causes; but Elizabeth is not convinced.

 She hires Kane and Lucy to arrange a private autopsy, but it will take several weeks to complete and she is anxious for the circumstances surrounding her father’s death to be investigated without delay.
 With little to go on, and without any proof that Bill’s death was other than a natural one, Kane and Lucy decide to dig into the past of the former police detective’s life.
 The only item that may hold clues to his death is Bill’s cell phone, and they discover that shortly before his death he contacted Samuel Montague, a respected local attorney.
 But Montague refuses to take their calls and the investigation will face many twists, turns, and dead-ends before they finally uncover the shocking truth.  

Books 5 - 8